Story Behind the Success of Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian Investor

In the year 1947 at a place called Curitiba in Brazil Igor was born. In 1965 he joined the Federal University of Parana School of Engineering. That was the only school that offered engineering course in both Santa Catarina and the Parana States. Getting admission in the school was a bit challenging because of the high competition. After two years of Igor’s study in the engineering department, he made up his mind and started to study economics still at the University of Parana. Later in 1970, Igor finished his course and immediately began working in an investment bank. In those years, this was a general practice for the engineers.

This is because they had exceptional aptitude to apply the sliding methods while computing the compounded rates of interest. It was an incredible skill in those days because the computers and the calculators were not prevalent like they are nowadays. Igor Cornelsen was unbeatable in the department, and that earned him a unique chance of working as an investment banker. In 1974, his hard work landed him on the Multibanco board of directors. After two years Igor served in the position of Chief Executive Officer. In 1978, the Bank of America purchased the Multibanco, Cornelsen had to leave with the aim of chasing other opportunities. The one that came first was Unibanco. In Brazil, Unibanco was among the leading investment corporations. In 1985, the inflation rate was blowing up, and it is at the same time that Igor Cornelsen left.

He joined the Libra Bank PLC a London Merchant Bank. In Libra Bank PLC Igor was paid in terms of US Dollars, and it was his first time to get such money hence a different investment opportunity was established. After several years of success there he and his associates from London moved into Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. In this bank, he worked as a directors’ board member as well as a delegate in Brazil country. Igor Cornelsen was tremendously successful board’s member for approximately seven years. From 1995 he started to work at his firm that he established when he left Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.